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Move Better, Feel Better

Cherie is what I was looking for in a practitioner; she is passionate & knowledgeable with a good ‘toolbox’ of techniques to use. She works hard to inform herself of your history so that she knows what areas need to be worked on & is generous with sharing her knowledge of extra exercises, programs and practitioners that may also help you with your healing. She is pleasant & efficient - a great blend of social interaction with a “get it done”attitude that is very effective. After one treatment, Cherie definitely helped loosen up some areas in my body that have been ‘locked up’ for a long time. I will definitely be going to see her again:)



I had been skiing for 2 weeks and one morning I completely pulled my back out - just before a 4 day snow cat trip. Any movement and mobility was excruciating. I barely made to my appointment and Cherie was amazing! So kind and helpful. Cherie knew exactly what to do and how treat me and after 90 minutes of work, she was able to release the muscle spasms, eliminate the pain and I was back on my feet. Tenderly for a day or so, but I made it. I was able to start my cat tour the next day and by day 2, I was back to my normal self. Cherie is the first person I will call and go back to every time. 


I have had pain and tightness in my lower back and shoulder for so long. Cherie worked on me for 90 minutes and I honestly felt so much lighter and looser. I could bend and move with little to no pain and it lasted for weeks. She was so mindful of my comfort levels during the treatment and even gave me a follow up message to see how I was feeling. Thank you Cherie, I will be back and I can highly recommend.


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